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Blog Post

Happy Holidays

Holiday times rolling through

sharing whisky or brews

the one thing you should be is content,

Wrapped in mountains and peaks

showing cold, wind-burnt cheeks

ski from alpine to creeks; love the moment.

The outdoors is our passion

shared by those who can cash-in

in flash ski gear fashion, we ride,

Whether ripped pants or jackets

or top of the line fabrics,

it’s not the brand on your back it’s what’s inside.

Shouting at friends through trees

powder way past our knees

laughing and chewing on snow while we glide,

When the shred day is done

at home thinking of the fun

that’s when both good times and hard may collide.

Whether its ten feet of snow

“Oh the places you’ll go”

or warm slippers to keep your feet comfy,

Your gifts may be far from home

visiting loved ones by phone

you may feel just alone, but you won’t be.

During strange times like these

we can feel more at ease

recognizing that love knows no distance,

Connected by thoughts

loved by someone, or lots

make the best of your lively existence.

You’re alive.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!

Nick “Solid” Christian