Parking lot and Resort Closure November 29 - December 9! During this time please DO NOT park on theĀ road outside of designated parking areas and no parking in signed avalanche areas


Special Public Avalanche Warning - Avalanche Conditions Report #3

Special Public Avalanche Warning - Avalanche Conditions Report #3

We are back with Backcountry Skiing Canada to deliver you our 3rd Avalanche Condition Report of the Season. The past week we have seen touchy avalanche conditions with a series of pacific storms hitting us.

Some important items to note:

  • We have 70-100cm of snow sitting on top of our December 8th rain crust and our December 13th surface hoar.
  • These two weak layers in the snowpack are creating scary avalanche conditions.
  • Over the week we saw skier remote, skier triggered, and explosive triggered avalanches ranging from size 1.5-2.5, mainly running on this weaker instability.
  • Avalanche Canada has issued a Special Public Avalanche Warning for our area because of these layers and the condition of our snowpack. Go to to read more.
  • Potentially 5cm of snow on Boxing Day before the next storm is projected to hit us next Wednesday.

Happy Holidays & play safe out there!