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Welcome to the Middle

Welcome to the Middle

We’re really doing it.

Are you where you want to be? I hope that you are.

I am exactly where I need to be. I didn’t know I needed to be right here, but some days you wake up and you are exactly where you are.

I always knew I would live in the mountains. As a young kid in suburban Ontario, I had a yearning for the outdoors. The hills were never big enough and the spaces didn’t last long enough. My older brothers would travel out west to Whistler, and bring back pictures of these impossible to describe giants against crisp blue skies and sunshine.

Mountains. Those images planted a seed in the soil of my mind in the form of a dream. I watered that seedling with the motivation that one day I would stand among them. Doing something to keep that fire lit was easy; there was a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel of adolescence.

I’ve been in these mountains for nearly 14 years, and I still feel like a tourist. These beautiful peaks and creeks and every single tree, rock, cliff, person, raindrop, and snowflake in between are what motivate me to be creative in both my personal and professional life.

Welcome to the middle. A call to arms to those who need their fire stoked and their motivation revamped. This place is electric. From Kootenay lake to the top of Glory chair it sits waiting for you to explore it. The world is changing, and inevitably so are we. This shouldn’t be seen and felt as a negative but rather a different way to embrace the positive. At the end of the day, we call a beautiful slice of this large world home and are blessed to explore its riches.

Every turn you carve, every swish of your cross-country ski in its track, every snow-angel (both tiny and large) scuffed into the snow, every clinking glass amongst friends in cheers, every crunch under your boot; we’re doing it.

Tend to your garden of dreams. Some may be fully matured trees, but amongst them may be tiny new-growths that need watering and attention. Don’t be afraid to expand your garden, for it can and should grow exponentially into your mind's horizon. Plant new seeds, dream new dreams. Let your surroundings inspire change within and without you.

We’re really doing it.

- Nick ‘Solid’ Christian