The 2020/2021 season has come to a close. Click Here to read our OFF-SEASON Policy and we look forward to welcoming everyone back for the 2021/2022 season! 


Want to keep skiing? Us too.

As a resort that is reliant on the natural world for our success, Whitewater is presciently aware of the need to limit our impact on our surroundings and the wider environment.


In January 2020, Whitewater achieved a Silver Award in the Sustainable Tourism Canada certification scheme. Following this recognition, Whitewater will be continuing to work with Green Step to improve and build on our sustainability policies and practices.

Transport & Travel

Whitewater encourages staff and guests to reduce their environmental impacts by carpooling and taking public transport where possible. In March 2019, we introduced a priority parking zone close to the day lodge for High Occupancy Vehicles – cars carrying 3 or more people. We supply shuttle buses at the best of our ability, for both staff and guests to use.

Whitewater is an “Idle Free” resort with added signage around the resort encouraging guests to switch off their vehicles while they are in the drop-off zone.

Environmental consultants were also hired to ensure that the expansion of Parking Lot # 4 and seven culvert installations were completed in the most responsible manner. The plan identified the environmental risks associated with the project and details how the contractor and resort will perform construction activities in a manner that prevents adverse impacts on the environment.

Building & Infrastructure

With the Glory Lodge built in 2011 and the Day Lodge refurbishments in 2010 and 2017, we installed a number of new features to reduce the impact of our physical infrastructure.

The Day Lodge now has:

  • New insulation, electrical circuitry, and drywall
  • LED lighting
  • Low flow toilets
  • Waterless urinals
  • Propane boiler

The Glory Lodge also has the following eco-features:

- Eco-friendly septic system. Made of rehabilitated natural organic material (coconut husks), this patented biological filter serves as a physical battier that retains pollutants. The advanced secondary treatment technology (Ecoflo), as well as the tertiary disinfection technologies (DiUV and FDI), represent the best solutions for the long-term protection of lakes, waterways, and groundwater.

- Natural wood stove heating system

In addition to the above, our Communications tower is powered by solar energy (with a backup generator) and we outsource our laundry to lower our on-site water consumption.

Waste Management

We have an integrated in-house waste management system. Recyclables, refundable are separated from our municipal waste. Compostables are given to staff for their own compost.

All of our disposable plates are made from recycled paper, to minimize the use of virgin materials. Wooden cutlery is also available for those who wish to avoid plastic.

We purchase locally wherever possible, both to support our local economy and independent businesses, but also to minimize the transportation and carbon footprint of our purchases.

We have reduced our use of paper products in marketing and use paper products made from stone paper for our resort maps. All employee paystubs are issued electronically.

Environmental Preservation & Backcountry Travel

One of the biggest impacts the ski industry has on the environment is in the creation of trails and the building of chairlifts. When the Glory Ridge chairlift was built in 2010, we left the environment in as natural a state as possible, choosing to remove very few trees.

Unlike many other ski resorts, Whitewater is known for its incredible backcountry terrain and we work hard to educate all backcountry enthusiasts through one of the many avalanche courses offered. We have a dedicated patrol team to educate guests on how to travel safely and responsibly while enjoying the acreage beyond the ski area boundary.


We invest in our local community through the donation of ski passes, ski lessons, and monetary donations, as well as hosting charitable events throughout the season. Most notable is our Community Day where we offer $20+ GST lift tickets to the local community with proceeds going to a local organization. This year we were able to raise $3600 for both Avalance Awareness Beyond the Boundaries and the Nelson Community Food Centre.

We believe everyone should be able to experience snowsports and offer Adaptive Lessons and lift tickets to those with physical or cognitive impairments.

WhiteWater Ski Resort are proud supporters of the West Kootenay EcoSociety who have been taking effective climate action in the region for the past 27 years. EcoSociety organizes local communities to gather support for their local governments transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2050. Thanks to EcoSociety’s hard work, so far 9 local governments including Nelson, have made the commitment to transition to 100% renewable energy at a community level and are taking the necessary steps towards reducing emissions in our communities. Lowering emissions will have a direct impact on our snowpack and the longevity of WhiteWater Ski Resort. 

To learn more about EcoSociety’s other initiatives including their efforts to protect the logging of the last remaining old growth forests in the West Kootenays and delivering fresh local food to families in need visit

Working at Whitewater

At Whitewater, we believe our employees set us apart from other ski resorts, we want our staff to show up every day and be proud of the team they are apart of. Here are some things we are doing to ensure our staff have the best work environment possible 

We have participated in the Fit for Snow program since the 2010/2011 season an educational program to increase awareness around exercise and nutrition to help alleviate injury for all Whitewater Staff. 

We have a safety committee dedicated to promoting and improving the safety and well-being of our staff members & guests

We provide daily health snacks for all staff members in the form of free fruit in addition to a free coffee/tea/juicebox. 

We provide a daily Staff Shuttle to get employees to and from work. 

We improved our on-boarding paperwork to be inclusive of non-binary gender identification.